LED illuminated Warning Traffic Sign

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LED Illuminated Warning Traffic Sign


We supply LED stop signs, speed limit signs, school signs, directional signs and more. Our LED road signs have much greater visibility than traditional traffic signs to help ensure traffic and pedestrian safety.

Traffic sign are becoming increasingly popular for construction sites, traffic sites and schools as a way to help reduce accidents and fatalities. Now solar traffic signs have the added advantage of being

 energy efficient to help reduce costs.


LED Illuminated Traffic Sign Specification


Reflective sheeting

Light source

Surface Luminance

Flashing Frequency

Operating Voltage


Solar Panel

Storage Battery

3M reflective sheeting

Nichia LEDs, white color

around 400-500 cd/m2

60times/min (flash interval time: 0.5sec)

220Vac/110vac or Solar power



12V24AH brand lithium battery


Housing Material

Front Panel

Visual Range


Product measure

Weight for 800mm


Filmed aluminum oxide plate

Uvioewsistant PC white plate

Over 500mm(By night)

Horizontal and Vertical

600mm,700mm and 800mm



1)Install the traffic sign on the pole by tightening the hoops. Connect the 220V AC input wire into the junction box on the back of traffic sign.


2)Install the traffic sign on the pole by tightening the hoops. Attach the battery and solar panel to the pole in place by tightening the hoops.

Connect the solar and battery wires into the junction box on the back of traffic sign.